Couples Counselling

Couples counselling is one of several services that I provide. Couples counselling is similar to marriage counselling, however it is not limited to married couples but is open to any couple in a relationship. I have worked with couples who have been together less than one year, as well as couples who have recently moved in together, become engaged, had a child, or are blending children from previous relationships. I have also worked with several LGBT couples who may or may not have children, as well as couples who are going through a separation, developing a custody and access agreement, or are managing a terminal illness in one of the partners.

The Toronto Therapy Approach: Couples Counselling

As I provide several counselling services for individuals, families and couples, it can be difficult to know which approach is most appropriate for your individual case. Couples counselling may be appropriate by itself, or it may be supplemental to one or both partner’s individual therapies. When I first see a couple, I like to meet several times to evaluate and assess the situation before making a recommendation for treatment. Sometimes couples come for counselling but then learn that one or both of the partners have issues that impact the relationship that should be dealt with individually and not as a couple. All of these determinations can be made in collaboration with the clients early on in the process and as the process unfolds. As individual needs change over time, a practitioner offering counselling services must also be prepared to adapt and customize their approach as the work evolves.

If you interested in making an appointment or finding out more about couples counselling, the first step is a telephone consultation where we briefly speak about your concerns before finding a time to meet to discuss the issues in more depth. This is also a good time to answer any questions, doubts or concerns you may have about counselling before deciding if it is the right treatment for you.