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ADHD & ADD Treatment For Kids & Adults

Many children and adults have trouble focusing,  controlling their behaviour, or are hyperactive. However when these symptoms are severe and occur for six months or more at a level that is greater expected for a child or someone of their age, they may be have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

The good news is we offer ADHD therapy for teens, kids and adults and ADD treatmentthat can help treat the symptoms and assist patients in learning to control their emotions and actions.

The Toronto Therapy Approach: ADHD and ADD Treatment

It’s not always clear what causes or triggers ADHD and ADD. While some believe it’s genetics, others believe it’s linked to brain injuries or from exposure to various chemical or environmental agents (including lead exposure or smoking/drinking during pregnancy). It may also be linked to diet (including some food additives or sugar). Whatever the cause, ADHD or ADD patients often have the disorder follow them throughout their lives. However, through ADHD therapy and ADD treatments, we can help kids, teens and adults learn to control the disorder, and lead normal and fulfilling lives.
If you suspect that you, your child or family member has ADHD or ADD, contact Andrew to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. These disorders affect each person differently so we offer customized ADHD therapy and ADD treatments for each patient. We’ll gather information about  health, lifestyle, and behaviour, and perform tests to make a diagnosis. Call today, we can help.